2019 Changes in Medicare

2019 is bringing on some big changes in the world of Medicare.  If you are a Medicare enrollee it is important to take note of the changes.  This will help make sure you are getting the coverage that you need.  Medicare has been around for over 53 years but that doesn’t mean that it stays the same from year to year.  Each year it is important to review your Medicare coverage.

Open Enrollment Changes

Medicare Advantage Plans will have an open enrollment period between January 1 – March 31.  At this time participants will be able:

  • Drop Medicare Advantage and return to Original Medicare
  • Change from one Medicare Advantage Plan to another Advantage Plan
  • Enroll in or drop Medicare Part D, standalone prescription drug coverage

Closing the Gap in Medicare Part D

Medicare Part D, prescription drug coverage requires seniors with high prescription drug costs to pay more for medication once they have reached a certain dollar amount spent each year.  There is a gap that occurs between when enrollees hit the initial spending cap and catastrophic coverage begins.  This will no longer exist in 2019 for brand name prescriptions.  In 2020 the gap will close for generics as well.

Telehealth Care

More consultations will take place between patients and caregivers will happen over the phone or via the internet.   Participants in Medicare with end-stage renal disease and being treated or strokes will have access to this same telehealth care services.

Enhanced Handbook

Each and every year Medicare sends each enrollee a handbook that give the details of their coverage for the current year.  In 2019 the handbook will also include:

  • In order to choose the right program checklists and flowcharts will be added
  • The online Medicare Plan Finder tool will be easier for seniors to access and use
  • The online coverage wizard will help enrollees to compare Medicare and Medigap costs and coverage
Removal of the Therapy Cap

Up until 2019 there have been limited coverage available for Medicare participants needing speech, occupational, and physical therapy.  Congress has removed this cap in 2019.

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