When to Use Single vs Double Aluminium Driveway Gates

Traditionally, wooden and wrought iron gates were used for fencing and driveway gates for their durability, beauty and strength. As technology has evolved instead of wooden or wrought iron gates, aluminium fencing and aluminium driveway gates are being used. They are much lighter in weight as compared to the wooden and iron ones. They have more strength. They can be shaped and molded into different shapes and sizes. Further they are more durable and can endure the changes of weather and rust more than what wooden and iron fencing and driveway gates can maintain.

Aluminium fencing and aluminium driveway gates are also more affordable than iron fencing and driveway gates. Aluminium fencing and gates can be purchased in several different ornamental styles, arches, colors, sizes, and more.  Aluminium fencing can be installed along the stairways, uneven pathways and curves. Aluminium driveway gates can be installed on both level and non-level surfaces.

The driveway gate is that aspect of your house which gives the first impression.  To create a lasting impression towards your guests, neighbors and any passer, it is important for you to choose an appropriate aluminum driveway gate for your house. It will not only portray your aesthetic sense but will also help you to secure your house.

There are two main types of aluminum driveway gates, single driveway gates and double driveway gates. To choose the right type of aluminum driveway gate you must consider the pros and cons of both the driveway gate types and select the one which fulfills your requirements the most. We have included the pros and cons of both the driveway gates for you below:

Single Driveway Gates


  • This aluminium driveway gate is more affordable as it costs less because it only needs one automatic opener.
  • It requires half amount of the hardware than a double driveway gate requires. Tat us hinges, bolts, no drop rods etc.
  • They give an elegant look and require less maintenance.


  • For this aluminium driveway gate, you need a 12ft swing distance for 12ft single driveway gate, which double the swing distance of a double driveway gate.
  • They have a greater shipping cost due to their length.
  • A 12ft single drive way gate requires the largest 6X6 post. It is more expensive and heavier duty post. This is required because all the weight of the gate is hanging on one post.
  • They are harder to install due to their heavy weight and leverage of a single piece for lifting and dropping on the mounts of the hinges.
  • They are available in limited sizes.

Double Driveway Gates

  • This aluminium driveway gate requires a shorter swing distance. A 12ft double gate only needs a 6ft swing distance and takes less space.
  • It requires a duty post which is less expensive and light in weight. A double driveway gate requires only 4X4 heavy duty posts.
  • A double driveway get can accommodate a wider driveway opening than a single gate.
  • Double driveway gates give a traditional look when opening from center.
  • Double gates are easier to install due to their light weight and have a smaller shipping cost due to their size.
  • Double aluminium driveway gates require more hardware as compared to the single driveway gates including hinges in both sides and drop rods for the center.
  • In case you are using an automatic gate opener, you will require two opener motors which will be more expensive for you.

Aluminium driveway gates will give you a more aesthetic appeal and traditional look in addition to their low maintenance and extreme durability.

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