Wedding Fights to Avoid as An Engaged Couple

Every couple wants the wedding of their dreams without the expense of their relationship.  Here are common but avoidable fights couples often experiencing when planning a wedding and how they can be handled.

Different Sized Guest Lists and Unequal Family Contributions

There are a number of solutions to help avoid the issue of uncontrolled guest lists and unequal family contributions.  This like many other times finances and family will be involved must be met as you would any business situation.  One approach is to set boundaries immediately with the number of guests each family can invite and how much they will be required to contribute to cover the cost.

Another approach, especially if the bride and groom are paying for the wedding together is to break it down, “This is the cost of your guest list, this is the cost of my guest list.  It seems as if there is an imbalance, can you address this with your family to see if they are willing to chip in and if they are not able to then how can we make the wedding more affordable, so everyone can come or how can we trim down your families guest list to fit within our budget.”   Compromising in financial situation is something that will be required throughout marriage.  Learning how to properly handle financial issues now will help prevent a lot of headaches down the road.

Lack of Interest in Wedding Planning

Many brides are so excited to plan for their wedding day.  It is a day they have thought about forever and are anxious to be detailing each and every intricacy of the day. The problem arises when brides see that their grooms are lacking their enthusiasm.

It is crucial that brides remember that although they have been thinking about this day since they were a little girl most grooms haven’t thought about it even once.  Most grooms don’t really want to be involved in each and every decision and are happy as long as their bride is happy.  What brides need to do to combat what they see as a lack of interest on the groom’s part is to get them involved in areas of the wedding that actually matter to them.  If they are into music hand that over to them.  If you have a foodie on your hands invite them to take charge of the menu.  It is important to be honest with your soon to be spouse and to speak honestly about a division of labor and where interests lay.

Allocation of Wedding Funds

When planning a wedding most often the first thing that is discussed is the budget.  Problems can arise quickly if a detailed allocation of funds has not been agreed upon.  Are you eyeing a four-thousand-dollar dress?  Does your spouse have their heart set on a two week, all inclusive honeymoon?  You can instantly see how problems can occur.

Unfortunately, when you are working with a large sum of money it is crucial that the two of you meet in the middle with how and on what the money will be spent.  This may require some give and take but, in the end, it is important to recognize the end goal, a happy life spent together.  After much thought you may see how a four-thousand-dollar dress you will wear one night is slightly impractical when you can spend two solid weeks together away from the stresses of the real world to enjoy your new husband and wife status.

As wedding consultants, we have seen some of the littlest arguments turn into something ugly, fast.  It is important to remember that although you want this day to be as magical as you always dreamed, it is in fact just that, one day.  Make sure that the small loop holes you are experiencing before the walk down the aisle are not bigger hidden issues looming in the dark.  Work together to make sure that a mole hill isn’t turned into a mountain.  At the end of the day what really matters is that you are marrying the individual you will spend the rest of your life with even if they don’t care about the pink napkins or choose invitations fit for a kids fifth birthday party.

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