Tips For Getting Your Home To Stand Out Above the Rest During the Spring Market Real Estate Flood

Spring has sprung! Without a doubt the optimal time to start looking to buy or sell a home starts now.  It has been proven that the most active months in real estate are April, May, and June.  Here are some ways to improve the chances your home stands out above the flood of homes that will hit the market soon.

Wash Your Homes Windows

A home that sparkles will sell better than a home that doesn’t.  Buyers want to feel invited into a space and when the windows are spotless, and the sun shines in without dirt or streaks you are showcasing your home in its best light. 

Cleanup the Landscape

Take time to rake the yard and remove the debris left behind from dead leaves.  Trimming bushes and tree limbs can also bring a pulled together look to your yard.  It is important to make sure that the vegetation doesn’t appear overgrown or block windows or entrance paths.  Not only is important to showcase the interior of your home but also the exterior. It is important to edge the sidewalks and driveways as well; small details count when you are looking to sell your home.

Add Some Exterior Color

After a long, dull winter a little color helps to stimulate buyers urges.  Yellow flowers are the best option when adding color around your home as it is known to stimulate buying.  It is also a color that people associate with spring.  Purchase some planters and start planting tulips and daffodils galore.  A little natural happy induction in the form of some of spring color never hurt.

Clean Window Treatments and Open Windows

A home should be clean from top to bottom.  It is important to have drapes, curtains, and blinds thoroughly cleaned when listing your home.  Get rid of the dust, the cob webs, and built up grime that has accumulated over time.  Crisp window treatments and a crisp breeze are inviting.  Let spring in!

Clean Carpets, Polish Floors

The carpets throughout your home should be professionally cleaned.  The smell and look of clean carpets is appealing to buyers.  They are looking for a space where they can move right in without having to do a lot of effort other than moving in.  Hardwood floors should be refinished if they are in really bad shape otherwise a solid polishing should bring them back up to the level that buyers are looking for.

This list goes on and on.  The more presentable the home, the fewer issues the home has, the less work the home presents for the buyer, the higher the selling price and the faster the home will move off the market.  Let the professional real estate agents at C21 Lady of the Lakes help you today!  Professional realtors working for you.

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