The Struggles of Planning a Summer Wedding

Summer weddings are every bride’s dream until they realize that there are many things that can and will go wrong on their big day.  Unfortunately, not everything that can go wrong can be controlled, which means that summer brides need to be prepared to go with the flow and accept each unexpected event that comes their way.  Thankfully, a wedding consultant can help the bride and groom through the entire planning process, which should make things go a little smoother on the big day.

Almost every bride that wants a summer wedding also wants their ceremony and reception to be outside.  And who wouldn’t?  After all, bright blue skies, a couple of white puffy clouds, the glow of the sun, and birds chirping in the backyard all sound like each summer bride would have an idyllic day!

However, on the day of a summer wedding, many brides may face dark, threatening clouds that want to open and send rain pouring down any second, or such brutal winds that either no one can hear the wedding vows, or everyone is getting blown away.  The weather obviously can be controlled but our reaction to it can be and will of course set the tone for the rest of the event.

The first thing that a wedding planner will have couples do for their summer wedding is send out save the date cards.  After all, summer is a busy time full of vacations, summer camps, and more, and there is nothing worse than planning a wedding that no one can attend.

Couples will want to plan their ceremony for a later time in the day, so that they do not need to deal with the intense heat of the midday hours.  The only problem with that is everything after the ceremony ends up starting later and not every guest enjoys staying out till midnight as they are waiting for the wedding cake to be cut.  A wedding consultant can be quite helpful in these situations, because they can keep things moving in an orderly fashion.

The food that is served during a wedding can be an issue for summer weddings as well, because it needs to be kept at proper temperatures.  Cold foods can be almost impossible to keep cold unless they are set inside buckets of ice, and while hot foods can easily stay warm, it doesn’t take too long before those foods have bacteria growing in them either.  A wedding planner can be helpful at this point of the day, because they can make sure that the food is being kept at the proper temperatures, so that no one ends up getting ill afterwards.

Since not every guest is going to love the heat of the summer, couples are going to want to be prepared with ways to keep their guests cool and comfortable from the beginning of the ceremony until the end of the reception.  A wedding consultant can bring portable air conditioners to be used inside tents, while fans can be used near where the guests sit for the ceremony.  Ice-cold water should be available in more than one location, and a wedding planner will want to make sure that they order twice the amount that they think that everyone will go through or they will take a chance of running out.

It can be interesting trying to plan a summer wedding, but wedding consultants have planned so many that they know all the issues that can pop up at any given time.  The experience that wedding planners bring to each wedding will ensure that a couple never needs to be too stressed out over anything that may or may not happen on their big day.

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