The Essential Guide to a DIY Aluminum Pool Fence Installation

When it comes to your home, there is no better way to ensure the safety and privacy of your property, enhance its aesthetic appeal, increase your home value, and most importantly, define the boundaries of your house, than with the installation of an aluminum fence.

Metal pool fences are the best when it comes to helping you regulate who enters the pool area and of course the sturdiness of aluminum pool fencing and gates make it the ideal choice in fencing that will not only keep the kids and pets safe and will also turn your entire pool area into a secure and private space for your family’s enjoyment.

While a professionally installed metal pool fencing will go a long way to increase the value of your home, you no longer need to break the bank to have an aluminum pool fence installed. Not only do the fences come with a clear self-installation guides, you can also make it a fun DIY project that you can be proud of.  Consider the following essential guide on how to install aluminum pool fencing:

First, you will need to get a municipal order that allows you to install a fence and secondly, you are off to a good start if you already have and can safely handle a 12V drill driver kit. You will also need to order an aluminum pool fence and gate, self latching latches, hardware fittings, screwdrivers, a spirit level, a tape measure, a medium carpenters pencil, a couple of clamps, and your safety gear.

  • It’s important that you chose and mark out where you want your fence to go in ensuring that you leave a 3 to 4-foot distance from the edges of your pool where people can move around freely.
  • Dig your holes for setting the posts and once you install them firmly, fill the gaps with pebbles or filler mud.
  • Following the diagram printed on the pack, connect the fence pieces, then hook them up to the mounting posts through the joints on the surface of the aluminum pool fencing.
  • Put up the self-locking gate at the extreme end of the fence ensuring that you screw in the hinges firmly to the hooks of the fence posts.
  • Check with the installation instruction to see that everything is in order, then sit back and enjoy your newly installed DIY aluminum pool fencing.

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