Growing Your Business Through Custom Packaging & Label Design

There are so many different facets of running a business, products being made for sale would be just one of them. One of the keys to being successful is to come up with ways to improve sales and to encourage them to continue coming back in the future. There is plenty of research that would indicate that since people are highly visually motivated, that it would make much more sense to put an extra amount of attention to figure out what is it that would help to get more people to see your products and to make purchases. Which means in order to drive more traffic you would need to give your buyers more reasons to stick around.


Once you identify what your buyers are attracted about your products, you must set out to come up with custom packaging and unique labeling designs that will grab them and encourage them to buy and to continue to come back and want more. For this article, we put together a list of the Top 5 ways that a business can use custom product packaging to their advantage.


5 Ways to Grow Your Business using Custom Product packaging and label


Product branding is everything –

The ability for a business to grow and thrive often is directly related to its ability to expand its brand recognition. It is also important to protect your branding at all times to ensure it is not harmed.


Custom packaging attracts more potential customers:

One of the big reasons why custom packaging is very important is that people, in general, are frequently visually motivated and having custom packaging can help a business get more attention.


Seasonal promotions using custom packaging and labeling:

Special promotions are often centered around seasons and holidays which are often used by businesses to come up with unique packaging and labeling in order to attract more customers.


Let your creative side shine with custom packaging:

When it comes to packaging your products that your business makes and sells you have total freedom to design your packaging in order to attract the buyers for your products.


Specialized packaging will send your sales through the roof:

It is pretty well known that buyers are often influenced by a number of different factors when it comes to what makes them more likely to purchase certain types of products.


Custom packaging can be found in a number of shapes and types


Custom packaging like shrink sleeve labeling and also flexible packaging are two of the more popular types of specialized packaging that businesses have found that help to attract more customers to their products over the products from competitors.


By using shrink sleeves on certain products allows you to give your prospective customers a 360° view of your labeling and branding. The flexible packaging gives your business the ability to create unique looking packaging that can be found with different types of coatings and materials that will help fit your needs.


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7 Reasons Why Your Company Needs Customized Product Labels & Packaging

With so much competition out there these days, you need to do everything possible to stand out from your competition. A great way to not only stand above the rest, but also help brand your company in the marketplace, is to opt for customized product labels and packaging. This will help differentiate your brand from others in the same niche and provide your company with credibility with your consumers. Here are some more reasons why you need to opt for custom product labeling for your brand:

Custom Labels Create Unique Products

When you have generic labeling, you will look like many others who don’t want to invest in custom product labeling. In order to engage prospective consumers, you need to be unique, which is what customized flexible pouches do.

Ease of Marketing

When you have custom product labeling, you can easily market your goods better. You can create an entire marketing campaign around the fact that you have new product labeling, which will appeal to potential customers.

Brand Expansion

If you’re expanding the brand into new markets, this might be a great time to go with customized product labels.

Growing Your Brand

If your brand is growing and you’re adding new products, you’ll need to get new labels and flexible pouches, and this would be the perfect time to get them customized so that they have the look and feel of your brand, alerting consumers that the product is new but still from your company.

Increased Relevancy

As customers ‘tastes evolve over time, your old labels might not be appealing to them anymore, which is why you’d want to stay fresh and opt for custom product labeling that might feature updated colors or logos that will make your brand fresh and relevant.

Grabbing Consumers Attention

To really make your labels pop, you’ll want something unique and attention grabbing, which is what you’ll be able to achieve when you order customized product labels that will easily grab the attention of all.

Redefining Your Company

If your company has been in business for a while, your message might be outdated since you’ve most likely come out with new products, services, etc. so new customized product labels will reflect any new messaging from your company.

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Pre-Planning Goes a Long Way In Product Labeling

Designing a label for your products is a big endeavor for your company.  It requires companies to consider many different aspects of the product and the end user.  Information is gathered and then given to graphic artists who use the collected data to create an end design.  This complex process is not something that business’s can ignore.  A label designed without consideration of the product and users will ultimately fail. In this installment on label and packaging design we will discuss what goes into the pre-planning process.

Pre-Planning for Custom Label Design

There is a lot to consider even before taking pen to paper or mouse to screen when label design is involved.  Companies need to take time to research their competitors, their target market and demographics, the products packaging material, the shape of the package, and label material options.  Once this is accomplished, the information is passed on to the graphic designer and from there they will be able to more effectively create a label for your product’s needs.

Designing a product label for your ideal customer means that you have established who your ideal customer is.  Consumers respond differently to visual cues like text font, images, and colors.  It is important to find out how hold your target market it, gender, values, education level, and familiarity of the brand.  Once this has been established you can take this one step further and create a visual aide of the person or people you want the designer to consider when designing the new product label.

Knowing Your Competitors

Examine your competitors and analyze what they are doing.  This will allow you to differentiate your self from them.  Everything about their product label should be carefully identified.  Take note of the colors used within the label, the font style, images, and ratio of label to package.  Similar products often are targeted towards the same demographics.  These people are your direct competition.  It is important to know everything about their label attributes and do it better.

Flexible Packaging And Shrink Sleeve Options

There are a number of options available to choose from when it comes to packaging and labeling.  One popular option is a package and label all in one in the form of flexible packaging.  Another is shrink sleeves where the label is shrunk using heat on to packages of any size and shape.  One of the benefits of both of these options is that they offer label designers the ability to design a three-hundred-and-sixty-degree space.

Your products label has the opportunity to make or break your product line.  Up to 75% of shoppers make buying decisions while in the store.  This is what makes the task of designing a products label so crucial.  The label must be well-designed, demand attention, and influence consumers into making a buying decision.

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Professional Shrink Sleeve Design Helps Increase Product Sales

Professional shrink sleeve labels are changing how consumer marketers introduce new products and services into the market. Product labeling is one of the principal ways to brand your product while sticking to a budget. Custom product label design as seen in shrink sleeves allows marketers a 360-degree space to lure a potential consumer.

Marketing is a major part of having a successful business.  Shrink sleeves offer companies a way to boost sales in an economy where attention spans are short and immediate gratification is something consumers seek.  If you are looking for a boost for a new product line or just an increase in product sales here are five reasons to consider shrink sleeves:

  • Shrink sleeve labels are designed to fit any product shape or size. Whether you are selling a case of peanuts in plastic peanut shaped container or a standard convenience store milk, shrink sleeves can give you a label that does more than encases your product. Not only are shrink sleeves perfect for individual product labeling they are a perfect way in which to encase the products within the label.  Custom shrink sleeve designs can comply with any imaginable product shape.
  • Shrink sleeve labels provide an unparalleled amount of safety from product tampering. Shrinks sleeves totally cover and conform with the product shape while encompassing the entire product, as stated earlier, making it much harder to tamper with. This is one reason that so many food, pharmaceutical, beverage, and chemical companies are using them today.
  • Typical labels only encompass the front of the package leaving the sides and back blank, basically useless space. Whereas shrink sleeves offer 360 degrees of marketable real estate that can be seen from any direction.
  • Marketing is an expensive venture for just about every product manufacturer. Certain product label options are not cost effective for your product.  Shrink sleeves however are produced from a thin-film of plastic material and is one of the least expensive options in labeling.  It is also the most cost friendly method of labeling if your marketing mix requires your product labels look to change frequently.
  • Another benefit of shrink sleeves in labeling is the huge selection of looks and choices that exist. They can be completely transparent, sparkle, semi opaque, completely solid, and more.

When looking to have a custom shrink sleeve design and manufactured for your new product look no further than the professionals at Anchor Printing.  They have experience in making shrink sleeve labeling work for you!

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5 Ways Flexible Product Packaging Can Improve Sales

Did you know that forty percent of online shoppers say they are more inclined to buy a product that is well-presented? Having a great product on the market is one thing, but what the above statistic suggests is that business owners have a unique opportunity to control how consumers view and engage with their products. Packaging is an extension of your brand identity. How you chose to present your products to the world should speak volumes about your business and innovative packaging can generate a buzz effortlessly without you having to hold a full-blown campaign to advertise or market your product.

Exactly what flexible packaging does. It functions as a cost-effective advertising technique that simultaneously protects your product, enhances its aesthetics, inspires confidence, and makes your products stand out. Customers will always respond positively to personalized and creative packaging, therefore, details matter, which is why any effort you put toward making your products as enticing as possible goes a long way.

The following are ways that flexible packaging can improve sales:

  • Increased Safety

Flexible packing such as stand up pouch bags or resealable zipper pouches are made from FDA approved high-grade materials, which are contaminant-free, safe and strong enough to protect packaged products from physical damage during transportation and exposure from environmental hazards. Consumers are bound to purchase a product that they are confident that it won’t be harmful to them.

  • Convenience

Label specialists have ensured that flexible packages are designed with added features such as zip locks, sprouts, resealable seals, to make them re-usable and continent. This ease of convenience has been well-received especially by parents who look are constantly looking for manageable ways to pack their kid’s lunches and its also good news for manufacturers and entrepreneurs because they know that their product will move instead of stalling on the supermarket shelves.

  • Inspires Loyalty

Attractive packaging evokes a positive reaction from consumers looking through a wide variety of products. Flexible packaging makes products stand out on the shelves from the competition’s, it increases brand visibility and most importantly, it leads to repeat purchases, increased sales, and referrals from satisfied customers.

  • Environmentally Friendly

In addition to enhancing product safety, flexible packaging’s unique attributes allow brands to achieve compactness and durable barrier while leaving the lowest possible carbon footprint. Not only are flexible packages recyclable, but they also reduce, transportation costs, energy output and most importantly, reduce carbon emissions because it’s easier to ship than rigid materials and manufactures can move more products with fewer trucks. Businesses that use sustainable business practices to meet both environmental and consumer demands yield benefits because environmentally-conscious consumers are more likely to become loyal customers.

  • Attractive Packaging

How many times have you bought something even though you weren’t planning to just because it looked attractive? The flexible packaging design process produces vivid graphics that not only elicit interest from buyers, but it also evokes impulse buying, which in turn increases sales.  Ninety percent of all product purchases are made on instinct, another great reason for an attractive, eye-catching package and label design.

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Creative Label and Packaging Design Trends

Product packaging is important since it’s the first thing customers see and can make all the difference in them buying your product or not. Labeling and packaging is everywhere and because there’s so much competition out there, it’s important that you make yours stand out. People are visual creatures, so their eyes are naturally drawn to visually appealing packaging, which they are more likely to purchase. And like any other industry, there are certain trends that the industry sees each year. Here are some label and packaging design trends for 2018:

Minimalist Design Labels and Packaging

Sometimes less is more. Minimalist design is a huge trend at the moment within the industry. Even though some might call it primitive, going for simplicity can help customers access their intuitive side. The only hard part about these sorts of flexible packaging is finding signs and symbols that everyone can relate to. But once you do find it, you’ll be able to send a message with practically no words at all!

Pastel Colors

Pastel colors are having a moment in a number of creative industries, including packaging. The use of such feminine and calming package design are everywhere these days, speaking to a person’s softer side. If you want to give customers a candid and warm feel, labels and packages in pastel colors will intrigue buyers.

Bold Words

Some companies want to send a clear and concise message in their packaging and right now big words is a hot trend in the industry. Using bold, big print can send a clear message about your product, just as long as it’s in a readable font.

Doodle Art

Everyone loves to doodle, and this sort of art is taking over the packaging industry. Consumers are attracted to it because it’s fun and happy, making them remember times when they were kids and doodling. Doodles on projects are whimsical and cartoonish, making them nostalgic to customers.


Lately, photography has been picking up steam in the label and packaging niche and it’s really no surprise since it’s been lined to design for a long time. When a product showcases a powerful photo, it has the ability to cause people to stop and pause to see what’s going on, enticing them to find out more about your product.

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Custom Labeling Has Never Been Easier

Companies are always seeking a way to differentiate their products from their competitors.  Ultimately one of the best options to do just this is through custom product labeling.  It is easier than ever to work with a manufacturer to design and produce a custom label that is customized to fit your unique desires.  There are many options to choose from in product labeling from shrink sleeves to flexible packaging.  Many producers of product throughout the United States struggle to comprehend just how many options there are when it comes to product packaging and custom product labels.  Below we will look at the five most popular options available within the industry.

Shrink Sleeves

Shrink sleeve labeling is a fairly new concept to hit the market and is quickly becoming a favorite with the beverage, pharmaceutical, and chemical industries.  This type of label offers a three-hundred-and-sixty-degree area in which to market your product.  No matter what shape your product is, shrink sleeves can conform to it.

This is particularly useful for uniquely shaped bottles which are comprised of multiple curves and edges.   Shrink sleeves will adjust to the shape of the bottle which allows graphic designers to design a label that attracts consumers from all angles.  Custom shrink sleeve labels work on a number of packaging materials including aluminum, glass, and plastic.  They are incredibly durable and offer the ability to create a tamper-proof seal to any product.

Flexible Packaging

One of the trickiest labels is for products that require no definite shape. This includes your pet food, detergent, snack foods, and more.  Flexible packaging offers a way to label and contain these products.  Flexible pouches can be designed using any type of device you desire for containment from press to close zippers to spouts that open and close.  Flexible packaging is a cost-effective manner in which to package your product and customize a unique label.

Roll-Fed Labeling

This type of labeling also allows an all-around, 360 degrees coverage. The difference here is that roll-fed labels work best for regular shapes. Let’s say if your product was a uniquely shaped bottle, then the roll-fed label wouldn’t fit. This limitation makes this type of labeling economical. The new printing methods that have been introduced allow an enhanced graphic print on roll-fed labels.

Cut and Stack Labels

The regular items that do not have anything unique to them can stick with the cut and stack labels. The label is customized to the exact size of the item. Generally, this label type is used for tin packaging. It is also well-suited for household use. The label is shrink-wrapped onto the container to ensure the perfect application.

Of course, the choice of your custom labeling method will depend on the nature of your product as well as the aim you have. For example, if you want an attention-grabbing label, shrink sleeves will work best. If you’re looking for something economical, roll-fed labeling will be your best choice. Bottom line is that custom labeling has been made easier than it ever was, all with the help of these multiple different types of labeling techniques.

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The Positive Effect Eco-Friendly Product Labeling Has on Your Company’s Brand

The world is more conscious of the part they play in making the environment a better or worse place to live in. Laws have been put in place to encourage and ensure that companies use best practices in their processes to conserve the environment. While these laws are standard, a company can improve its brand and grow business by going an extra mile to show their commitment to the environment.

Flexible packaging should ensure easy access to the product, it should keep the product safe from damage and contamination, and is made from eco-friendly materials, that makes it an even better option in package and labeling design.

Labeling your products as eco-friendly on the flexible packaging has many positive effects that include:

  • A Competitive Edge

Customers today are attracted by services and products that are eco-friendly. Choosing to label your products as eco-friendly will give you an edge over the competition. However, it is important to note that you can’t just label them as such for the sake of it, there are laws that govern what products can be deemed as eco-friendly and which ones don’t.

  • Improved Sustainability

Companies take pride in conserving the environment by not depending on natural resources. Often, using alternative materials can make the products more affordable and even when it’s not cheaper, the long-term benefits are overwhelmingly good. Because of climate changes, dependence on natural products means that in the long run you might not have adequate materials to produce goods.

  • Re-Using and Recycling Saves Money

Flexible packaging that has the eco-friendly labelling on it encourages those who buy the product to recycle and re-use it. This will help conserve the environment, but it also means that your customers get added advantage when they buy your product because the flexible packaging can be reused, recycled or reduced.

  • Stand-Out from The Competition

Many companies don’t use the eco-friendly labels on their flexible packaging. The reason most don’t do it is because they do not use eco-friendly practices in their processes. So, if your company is putting attempts to be environment friendly, then you should tell the world about it so that they know your products/services are a better option.

Don’t miss out on growing your business and attracting more clients by failing to use the eco-friendly labels on your product’s flexible packaging.

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Characteristics of a Product Label That Will Go the Distance for Your Brand

What is the first thing consumers notice about your product?  If you answered the products package and label you would be correct.  You want to grab the attention of consumers and one of the easiest ways this can be accomplished is through innovative packaging and eye catching labeling.  To help get your idea gears going we have compiled a list of objectives to consider when designing or re-designing your products label and packaging design.

Obvious Imagery

The absolute, most important aspect when it comes to marketing your product is clarity.  You need to make sure that what you are offering clearly comes across in the representation of your products image. If it is not completely obvious or consumers are confused about what it is that is being offered failure is imminent. An initial clear and precise representation is crucial to a products success.

Confident Use of Color

Not all products are best suited to use bold colors in their product packaging and label design.  The use of color is important in the overall design, but it is important that the coloring used conveys the desired message.  Color should be used to draw attention in on purpose and not in a manner that consumers are taken aback.  The use of bold colors when appropriate can be beneficial to promoting your product. They can also be detrimental when used incorrectly.

 Unique Elements vs Essential Elements

The perfect blend between what is required on a label and what adds interest is required for any product label that is hoping to stand the test of time.  Elements of a label that are necessary for sale can include: barcodes, ingredients, nutritional information, price, quantity, name of manufacturer, product name, and more depending on the type of product being offered.  The unique elements are what your product offers to its target market that the competition may not or how you do it better.   Add something quirky to individualize your product while bring attention to the unordinary aspects of your product.

Complimentary Fonts

Font choice is as important, if not more, than the images used on custom designed product labels.  Fonts that are chosen must be easily read while complimenting one another and matching the overall character of your product.   Choosing a font perceived as childish for an adult diaper label could give off the wrong message.  Adult incontinence is a very serious issue that should in no way should give off a vibe comparing it with children’s diapers. The wrong choice of font could do just that.

The product packaging and label set the overall tone of your product.  Be sure to incorporate elements that present it in the most positive light possible.  The wrong message being sent by your product label could spell disaster even if the product itself is amazing.

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Choosing the Best Label for Your Packaging

Whether you have a small hobby business or run a large mega-conglomerate for household products, you need flexible packaging for your products. Labeling has changed a lot over the past decade. Gone are the days when a basic square label was printed and placed on the bottle or can. Perhaps the best labeling techniques today range between flexible packaging and shrink sleeve labeling. If you’re not entirely convinced, let’s explore the benefits of flexible packaging and shrink sleeves.

Options for Your Labels

You have two options when choosing the best label and packaging for your company’s products. One is to use your own graphic designs. It is ideal to hire a professional graphic designer to assist.  Many label manufacturers can offer you help with this aspect if you desire.  It’s important to know that there may be certain FDA requirements that you must fulfill on your label too, such as weight or volume, ingredients, calories and nutrition content, alcohol content, and food allergy warnings.


Besides using your own custom designs on labels, shrink sleeves are made from plastic and shrink to fit around the label or can while flexible packaging is used to hold the contents and label the product. They are versatile and suit a variety of product industries: food, health, beauty, and household.

Products Good For Shrink Sleeve Applications

If you have a line of drinks, beauty care line, health or nutritional care, or food products, flexible packaging may be the right choice for your brand and products These labels are applied with a shrink sleeve film that is applied with heat. The film shrinks and fits tightly to the shape of the bottle. It can fit a 360-degree space. All parts of the bottle will be fully utilized to complete the design.


These types of products are catching to the eye and will stand out from other similar products that have a label stuck on them. This type of shrink sleeve labeling is also 100% waterproof, which is perfect for placement in refrigerators or freezers. The labels won’t degrade over time, which is perfect for certain types of labels that must withstand cold or moisture.


Shrink sleeve labeling also can be in 100% full color, and include graphics, art, logos, and even photographs. The printing process involves an up to 8-color digital process that delivers eye-catching graphics.  The plastic used in this printing process is made from PETG film. It has the best shrinkable rate of accuracy. It’s also high-gloss and is scuff-resistant.

Advantages of Shrink Sleeve

This type of wrap is suitable for glass, plastic, and metal containers in a wide range of sizes. It can also cover caps. There can be horizontal, vertical, or T-perforation types of seals. These increase the security of the items and ensure the consumer that they haven’t been opened prior to consumption. Another great bonus is that not all your products have to be the same. You can have similar products in differing labels to make them stand out. This can be a great promotional tool when on the shelves.


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