Shrinking Cancerous Cells Using Linear Accelerator Technology

It is very unfortunate when you see your friend or family member get diagnosed with cancer. Watching them go through the pain and suffering, you wish that they wouldn’t have to go through that. You also pray for cancer to never touch you. It is the most painful thing a person can go through. Often when a person is to be treated for cancer, words like ‘chemotherapy’ and ‘radiation are thrown around.

What Is Chemotherapy

Chemotherapy treatment involves the use of drugs to control the growth of cancer cells. The drugs used in chemotherapy tend to vary. It depends on the age of the person and the type of cancer as well as the cancer stage. When doctors administer chemotherapy drugs, they keep a close eye on the patient. This is because the drugs can have side-effects and may react adversely. These side effects include loss of hair, formation of blood forming cells in the bone marrow, heart, lung or kidney damage, etc.

What Is Radiation Oncology

Also known as radiation therapy, radiation oncology is the use of high-energy waves/radiations to kill cancerous cells. Radiation oncologists, radiation therapists and radiation oncology medical physicists use up-to-date radiation oncology equipment to deliver radiation therapy without any side effects. They try to make it as painless as possible. However, radiation oncology when compared with chemotherapy is very less painful. Studies have shown that around 40% of cancer patients are treated with radiation therapy. Radiation therapy can be used alongside chemotherapy or on its own.

Radiation therapy is, as told, is very effective. With cancer being the leading cause of death around the world, investment in new radiation oncology equipment, methods and treatments has become more crucial than ever. Linear accelerator is one of the most common oncology medical equipment being used for radiation therapy.

What Is a Linear Accelerator

This radiation oncology equipment is the most effective equipment used to kill cancerous cells. It does no harm to the normal tissues. It uses high-beam X-Rays and specifically directs them to the point where cancer cells have accumulated. The treatment using linear accelerators is very painless and it is non-invasive. Linear accelerators also use a combination of IGRT and IMRT. IGRT makes use of imaging. This helps with making the therapy precise and increases the exactness of the therapy procedure. The IMRT uses a combination of high-quality hardware and software. IMRT is used to change the intensity of the radiation if it is used on other parts of the body where cancer cells may be growing.

What Is Special About a Linear Accelerator

This oncology medical equipment literally targets the DNA of the cancer cells. Once the DNA is killed, the cancer cells slowly die. Moreover, normally radiation therapy can damage normal cells too. Linear accelerator, because it uses a combination of IMRT and IGRT, make targeting the damaged cells more precise and perfect. The use of linear accelerators is also a good way to personalise your treatment accordingly. Linear accelerators can be used on any part of the body to treat cancer. It is very effective and accurate.

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