Refurbished Parts are Important in Linear Accelerator Repair

Medical Equipment and Replacement Parts

Linear accelerators are machines that help in the treatment of cancer.  These machines have a multitude of components that keep them running efficiently.  Sometimes, large pieces of equipment including those found within the radiation oncology department need maintenance involving replacement parts.  There are companies devoted to selling, service, and repair new and refurbished LINAK systems and their replacement parts.

Medical facilities can seek out the help of distributors of both OEM and refurbished replacement parts for a variety of manufacturers that produce radiation oncology equipment.  No matter what is needed for your radiation equipment facilities have access to them.  One of the main purposes of using refurbished replacement parts over OEM parts is that they offer amazing quality and allow medical facilities to accomplish repairs and service at a lower cost.

Radiation Oncology Equipment Repair and Maintenance

For many medical facilities the decision between purchasing new or refurbished parts for maintenance and repairs on large scaled equipment has been met with some indecisiveness.   This should however no longer be the case.  Linear accelerator parts and components are met with stringent guidelines throughout the reconditioning process.  Refurbished linear accelerator and CT scanner parts are suited for both maintenance and repair purposes.

Another major benefit outside of the stringent testing that is done on refurbished linear accelerator parts is the cost savings that facilities will find by purchasing them.  When it comes to the cost of refurbished components verse OEM parts, facilities should expect to pay upwards of fifty percent less for reconditioned parts.  Just as refurbished linear accelerators are best for new medical companies or facilities working within a strict budget, so are the refurbished parts and components.  This can be super beneficial in low budget, non-profit, and veteran facilities.

Refurbished equipment and replacement parts are important because of the certain advantages which only they can offer.  There are many reasons that facilities use refurbished parts in the equipment they use.   One of the major reasons is that it helps growing practices. LINAC systems that are refurbished free up resources and reduce costs.  This is helpful in new center set ups, purchasing additional or backup equipment, and installing new treatment rooms to accommodate more patients for treatment.

Managing Costs

Refurbished components are important in managing expenses.  Linear accelerator replacement parts that have been refurbished can help in managing the investment risk of new equipment which can be quite costly.  Thus, in times of financial constraint and tight budgets, refurbished equipment and parts can help you save money while growing your facility.  Refurbished equipment can also serve as backup equipment for larger facilities giving another option over rescheduling patients when equipment needs to be repaired.

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