Professional Shrink Sleeve Design Helps Increase Product Sales

Professional shrink sleeve labels are changing how consumer marketers introduce new products and services into the market. Product labeling is one of the principal ways to brand your product while sticking to a budget. Custom product label design as seen in shrink sleeves allows marketers a 360-degree space to lure a potential consumer.

Marketing is a major part of having a successful business.  Shrink sleeves offer companies a way to boost sales in an economy where attention spans are short and immediate gratification is something consumers seek.  If you are looking for a boost for a new product line or just an increase in product sales here are five reasons to consider shrink sleeves:

  • Shrink sleeve labels are designed to fit any product shape or size. Whether you are selling a case of peanuts in plastic peanut shaped container or a standard convenience store milk, shrink sleeves can give you a label that does more than encases your product. Not only are shrink sleeves perfect for individual product labeling they are a perfect way in which to encase the products within the label.  Custom shrink sleeve designs can comply with any imaginable product shape.
  • Shrink sleeve labels provide an unparalleled amount of safety from product tampering. Shrinks sleeves totally cover and conform with the product shape while encompassing the entire product, as stated earlier, making it much harder to tamper with. This is one reason that so many food, pharmaceutical, beverage, and chemical companies are using them today.
  • Typical labels only encompass the front of the package leaving the sides and back blank, basically useless space. Whereas shrink sleeves offer 360 degrees of marketable real estate that can be seen from any direction.
  • Marketing is an expensive venture for just about every product manufacturer. Certain product label options are not cost effective for your product.  Shrink sleeves however are produced from a thin-film of plastic material and is one of the least expensive options in labeling.  It is also the most cost friendly method of labeling if your marketing mix requires your product labels look to change frequently.
  • Another benefit of shrink sleeves in labeling is the huge selection of looks and choices that exist. They can be completely transparent, sparkle, semi opaque, completely solid, and more.

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