Patient Safety Is Affected by The Design of Your Facility

When it comes to receiving treatment, both in patient and out-patient, our safety is always a concern.  Whether a family member, friend, or even oneself is receiving care it is crucial that safety as a patient is of utmost concern for the facility where we are seeking treatment.  Accidents that occur within a facility whether they are minor, like slipping in the bathroom or major an error in medication received, cost billions of dollars per year.  The harm that is caused by ineffective patient safety measures don’t just affect the facility and patient, caregivers can also be scarred emotionally.


Patient care and safety is just one of the many reasons it is important to design your medical facility in such a manner that is basically fool proof.  You will see this demonstrated in a million different ways throughout the facility including:

Standardized patient and treatment rooms:

When rooms throughout the facility are designed in the same manner throughout it helps to prevent errors from occurring.  Rooms are set up in a manner that considers the predominance of right-handed professionals and patients.  This helps to ensure that the room is set up in the most efficient manner possible for the greatest good.


Standardized facilities take the guess work out of patient treatment and therefore help to ensure the best possible outcome in patient care.   Efficiency within the medical facility allows for a precise, standardized approach that allows treatment to be done quickly and safely.  Familiarity within the space, knowing where you can find what you need when you need it within a familiar environment that keeps patients safe and the work flow moving along competently.  When variation is removed all the guess work is taken out of the equation and thus error in treatment.


This is especially necessary when specialized treatment is sought.  Radiation oncology departments are just one of the many departments within a hospital that use a standardized approach in treatment room layout.  Radiation is an intense option in treating cancer using several large scaled devices like linear accelerators and CT scanners to find and treat cancerous tumors.


Although each patient’s treatment is unique the way it is received is not.  Simplifying the routine elements allows doctors and nurses to focus on the specific requirements of each patient.  Physicians can concentrate on patient information, dosing information, and the physical care of the patient over being concerned on where to find basic supplies.

Basic Principles To Promote Patient Safety:

As stated by author, John Reiling in Safe by Design: Designing Safety in Health Care Facilities, Process, and Culture, facilities must follow basic principles to promote patient safety.  This includes:

  • Being Patient Centered
  • Environmentally Conducive
  • Resourceful/Efficient
  • Safe
  • Superior Care
  • Advanced Technology
  • Knowledgeable and Approachable Staff

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