Medical Equipment Disposal

Like any other industry after a period of time the equipment that is used will have to be replaced. Whether that is due to it being worn out, it went beyond its usable lifespan or more advanced model was acquired. Regardless of the reasoning, there will come a time that you will need to dispose of some of your medical equipment, this includes things like Linear Accelerators and even CT Scanners.


In order to preserve the responsibilities of the practice, you need to be sure that you are operating equipment that is running at optimum capability. This means that at some point even large medical equipment like a CT Scanner and Linear Accelerator will need to be repaired or replaced. In the event, a replacement is needed it is important that you plan ahead and take everything into consideration when working with an outside company.


6 Important things to consider when disposing of large medical equipment


Must be removed properly –

Depending on the area that your practice is located you will have to deal with what possibly different types of ordinances. This is especially true if the equipment has to do with any type of hazardous materials. You will need to ensure that you remove any associated


Limit damage to surrounding areas –

When it comes to removing and disposing of large pieces of medical equipment like Linear Accelerators and CT Scanner machines it is extremely important that the removal process you follow does not do any extensive amount of damage to the surrounding areas. This could lead to very expensive repair costs and possibly affect your practice adversely.


Plan for a very complex removal –

Due to the nature of the larger medical equipment you will need to partner with a disposal company that has the experience to deal with the complexity of such a removal process. Depending on the design of the building there could be substantial temporary changes may need to be done to facilitate removal.

 Removal of possible hazardous waste –

Due to the nature of the equipment you will need to concern yourself with adhering to any and all regulations that deal with disturbing of potentially hazardous material. This is another good reason to partner with a well-experienced medical equipment removal and disposal company.


Base frame for large equipment must be removed –

Most larger pieces of medical equipment like the Linear Accelerator or CT Scanner have specially designed bases that could easily be built into the foundation of the building and removing them would require special consideration. It is important to remove any existing framework in order to make room for the new piece of equipment.

Plan for after hours to minimize interruption to office operation –

When it comes to removing/replacing large medical equipment you should always make your plans to do the work after hours as not to impact your practice. Most companies that offer this type of service are fully aware of the need to schedule this after normal business hours and will make arrangements.


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