Maintaining Radiation Oncology Equipment

The challenging activity of repairing and maintaining the radiation oncology equipment which is used by doctors in various hospitals and clinics is done by companies that provide biomedical equipment maintenance services. These companies provide in-house repairing services, 24/7. These companies make sure that whenever an equipment failure occurs, a professional is always available to come and sort out the problem with the equipment so that medical operations can be continued as soon as possible.

Repairing linear accelerators, CT scanners, and other radiation oncology equipment is complex and complicated, there is no space for mistakes. The problem must be dealt with using careful consideration as these machines are to produce test results with a lot of accuracy and precision.  Therefore, any problem in the functioning of the equipment left unchecked or overlooked can prove to be a great disaster. Thus, it is crucial to get the equipment functioning properly in the shortest time possible.

Some equipment names that may require the availability of such biomedical equipment professional technicians are LINAC and CT scanners who check if the equipment works properly or if refurbishment of the equipment or its reconditioning is required.

Reconditioned Linear Accelerators

A Linear Accelerator (LINAC) is a delicate and complicated medical equipment that uses microwave technology to create photon beams as radiation that pass-through the human body to finish the tumors in human body. The body is exposed to strong radiations known as radiation therapy for removal of cancer. Thus, the reconditioned linear accelerators must have their calibration right. Their calibration must be done by professionals with a lot of experience in repairing and maintaining such mechanical and sensitive devices. As it takes a lot of time to repair it, the servicing of LINAC is costly as well.

Refurbished CT Scanners

CT scanner, on the other hand, is also a sensitive equipment which also produces radiations using microwave technology to create photon beams. But, these radiations are a lot less strong than those of a linear accelerator. These low concentration radiations are known as X-rays which are passed through the human body for the detection of any existing tumors in the body. This process is known as CT-scanning i.e. computed tomography scanning. Refurbished CT scanners have a risk of mis-calibration. A refurbished CT scanner machine that is calibrated incorrectly means wrong medical reports of the patient or risking the health of that patient by exposing him to excessively strong radiations damaging his body cells.

Challenges Faced Buying Equipment

The most common challenged faced while buying equipment for the hospital or a clinic is that it costs a lot. Many are left with the only option of buying a reconditioned linear accelerator and a reconditioned CT scanner to make their medical facility operative or update it. This calls for those biomedical equipment service providers to get their equipment checked regularly for any malfunctions or the need of recalibration. If they are regularly serviced and maintained, you are good to go.

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