Key Benefits in Android App Development

There are a number of operating systems that drive mobile devices. When working with clients, mobile app developers must determine what platform to target their app towards unless of course, they have the resources to develop for multiple platforms simultaneously.  The operating systems that your app is programmed for will determine the success or failure of your app.  Android, iOS Apple, Windows, and Blackberry operating systems are all popular platforms.  In this installment we will look into the benefits of programming for Android app development


Android Apps are developed using Java language in program.  Java is a language that can easily be ported to additional mobile operating systems such as Chrome OS, Ubuntu, Symbian, Windows 10 and Blackberry. 

Android Studio

The Android Studio is superb software application that is offers comprehensive services to programmers.  It is specifically designed for Android development and allows for quick and efficient set up of Android Apps.


As mentioned above Android Apps are developed using Java. Java is a programming language that is used in a number of operating systems and a variety of devices.  Programming in Java allows Apps to easily be integrated on other operating systems such as Windows and Linux whereas iOS development is done in Objective C or Swift.

Google Play

Google Android Apps are easily deployed to the Google Play store.  On most occasions they are able to be downloaded by users in hours after being put on Google Play.  Another feature of the Google Play store is nice is that developers are able to release apps as an alpha and/or beta release. Doing this allows the app to be released only to select members or a group of testers. 

Ease of Entry

Android App development can be done on Windows, Mac, and Linux.  A one-time fee of $25 allows individuals to register as an app developer on the Google Play Store whereas development on the Apple App store requires a yearly fee of $99. 


Both Android and iPhone Apps are profitable, and both offer the ability for users to make the initial app purchase and in-app purchases. 

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