Is LASIK an Option When You Are Over 40?

Can I get LASIK eye surgery even though I am over 40?  This is a question the professionals at Rohr Eye and Laser center often get when meeting with a prospective new patient and the answer is simple, YES!  Although there is nothing simple about your eyes or how you care for them, laser surgery to correct your vision is not something to spend time being worried about.

LASIK, known to be short for laser assisted vision correction, is referred to about many different types of refractive eye surgery and laser vision correction techniques.  Dr. Jeffery S. Rohr is a highly skilled and trained eye doctor who focuses on vision correction surgery in Michigan on patients of all ages.

As a person’s vision starts to deteriorate after 40, the first thing that comes to people’s minds is that they need to start wearing reading glasses, bifocals, or reader contacts.  Often with the thought that LASIK is not to be considered because of their age or they believe their vision problem is not “bad enough” to consider laser vision correction surgery.  Thankfully however, LASIK is the solution for several issues patients over 40 are conflicted with including:

  • Seeing in the distance – Although this often means patients may need to use readers even after the sight for distance issue is resolved.
  • Monovision LASIK – This procedure decreases or eliminates the need for glasses or contacts for seeing close or far away.
  • Corneal Inlay – This is an implant that is placed on the stroma to correct vision when objects are near.

However, if a patient’s vision has begun to fade because of cataracts then LASIK is not a good choice for you.  For patients with cataracts a better option to improve your vision may be actual lens replacement.  If cataracts are your only eye ailment, then most often eye surgeons will recommend lens replacement over correction.

No matter what age you are it is important to do thorough research on the ailment that is afflicting your vision and causing you issues with seeing be it near or farsightedness and the treatment options available.  Both online and in person research will ensure you understand what treatment is available, how it will help you, the recovery, and the prognosis for your future eyesight once it has been corrected.

If you are looking to reduce or even get rid of your eye glasses and/or contacts let us at Rohr Eye & Laser Center help you! We offer several types of LASIK eye surgery including PRK, AK, CK, Cataracts surgery and more. We perform all these eye laser treatments with state of the art equipment. We are a leader in laser vision correction, and our goal is to help you achieve superior vision. Contact us today or view our website  to schedule an appointment.

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