Increasing Your Homes Water Quality by Installing a Water Filtration System

Health care experts advise people to drink at least 8 full 8 oz. glasses of plain water every day to stay hydrated. This is important because the human body is two-thirds water and without an adequate supply of fresh, clean drinking water your body will be at risk. Most homes in the United States are either hooked up to a municipal water source or localized well water.


Unfortunately, just because the water source is supposed to be safe and healthy to drink, there have been issues in the past whereas one or more of the water sources like a water well was contaminated. If this is a fear you have then there is something that you can do to prevent your family from drinking contaminated water without any knowledge that it is happening.


One solution would be to have a full house water filtration system or one that attaches to the faucet and filters the water before it comes out. Most water filtration systems work by having the water flow through some type of media material that is designed to trap even the tiniest of contaminants present in the water. There are several different types of water filtration systems and each one works in a unique way to clean the water and prevent you from being contaminated.


5 Different Types of Water Filtration Systems

Activated Carbon Filter Systems

Activated carbon filters or carbon filters for short work trapping suspended particles in the water and also helps to absorb chlorine and other chemicals that after often responsible for causing the smelly odor in your water that comes out of the faucet. Most of the systems that use these type of filters make it possible for them to be replaced periodically.

Reverse Osmosis Filter System

This filter system works by forcing the water under pressure through a membrane that will only allow water to pass through it and nothing else. This is also why RO is used to convert seawater (saltwater) into drinkable freshwater. The RO filter is usually part of a total water filtration system.

Alkaline/Water Ionizer

One of the more popular health kicks these days is alkaline water. One of the reasons is because is being reported that many of the most common illnesses thrive in acidic conditions.  By drinking only alkaline water, you reduce the acidity level within your body you could help to possibly prevent one or more of them.

UV Filters

Ultraviolet filters are used specifically for killing dangerous bacteria when present in a water supply. By exposing the water to ultraviolet radiation any bacteria will be killed without having to use dangerous chemicals or heating up the water. This type of filter is also typically found as part of a multiple stage filtration system.

Infrared Filters

This type of filtration system combined heat and electricity to filter and soften the water by negatively charging the water to change its molecular structure. These type of filters work a lot like Alkaline and Water Ionizers.

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