How to Make Your Driveway Stand Out with An Aluminum Driveway Gate

A critical aspect of how your home is viewed by the outside world is your driveway. A beautiful, appealing driveway not only makes the home look inviting, it can radically transform its visual perception. Likewise, a beautiful home with a neglected and unkempt driveway can lower its appeal and even drive potential buyers away. But with just a little creativity, you can easily transform your driveway and make it stand out among its peers in the same neighborhood. In many cases, this involves designing a custom driveway installing an aluminum gate.

When looking into custom aluminum driveway gates homeowners have a ton of options to choose from.  There are a number of styles, configurations, material grade options, and accent options that offers.  Below homeowners can find a out a great deal of information on selecting a new aluminum driveway gate for your home.

When it comes to choosing an aluminum gate there are many homeowners that choose a style that matches their fencing while others choose a style that is complementary but not matching.  At each option in aluminum fencing has a corresponding gate that matches a style of fencing including:

  • The San Marino
  • The Santa Monica
  • The Sanibel
  • The Boca Grande
  • The Ventura
  • The Excelsior
  • The New Orleans
  • The Napa Valley
  • The Camarillo
  • The Amarillo
  • The Bella Vista
  • The Bella Terra
  • The Charlemagne
  • The Mission Point
  • The Providence
  • The Camelot
  • The Castile
  • The Valencia

There are also several arch option configurations as well.  There are four basic styles the Regal Wave, Stonecliff Sunrise, Horizon Straight, and Stonecliff Sunset Arches. No matter the style of gate you choose, any arch configuration can be chosen.  Thus, meaning there are in fact 72 options in aluminum driveway gates to choose from at

The aluminum material that offers comes in a variety of grades as well.  The larger the gate the heavier it will be and therefore the grade of material used needs to thickerResidential resort grade gates are more often used for fencing and gates that are used around a swimming pool area just as residential classic gates are used for perimeter entrance and exits. offers two heavier grade options in gates which are best for driveway gates: premier and ultimate.  Both are used for commercial purchase with the ultimate grade being heavier and also used in industrial gates.

iFenceUSA is an online manufacturer and distributor of wholesale aluminum fencing. With over 18 styles of aluminum fence panels and gates to choose from, we have aluminum fences that will meet your wants and need.  Choose from custom aluminum fencing options including: Commercial Grade Aluminum Fencing, Residential Grade Aluminum Fencing, Pool Grade Aluminum Fencing, and Industrial Aluminum Fencing all at  For more information contact one of our aluminum fence experts toll free 800.762.2907 or via email at



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