How Does Custom Website Design Affect Search Engine Rankings?

Many people do not think that having a custom website design is going to improve their search engine rankings.  However, with all the changes that Google has made in recent years, there are many things that factor into the search engine placement of any website, and custom web design is one of the major ones.

A website that has not been designed properly may prevent a person from staying on the site for any length of time, and once a person goes back to their search results, it will mark the first website as being not helpful.  Any website that continuously gets marked as unhelpful will automatically have their ranking level dropped.

A few mistakes that every website owner will not want to make include having too many pop-ups, text that is difficult to read (whether it is the size of the text or the font that is being used), images that are too large, and videos that automatically play as soon as the website opens.  All those things create a poor experience for readers, especially those who are visiting the website for the first time, and they can make a person continue onto the next website they found much faster.

Website Mobile Friendly

Every website should also look amazing on all types of platforms, which means that the custom web design that a person chooses should work well on both mobile and desktop platforms.  After all, in this day and age, more and more people are browsing the internet on their mobile devices or smaller tablets.  If a website is not easy to use on those platforms, a person is not going to want to stay on the site for too long.  Not being mobile friendly can affect the search engine rankings of any website even more than a website that isn’t user friendly on a desktop platform.

The Correct Amount Of Information On Home Page

A custom web design is also necessary to ensure that a person has the proper amount of content on their first page, so that it ranks accordingly for search engine placement.  A website that has a photograph and a few words is going to rank a lot lower than a custom designed website that has enough pertinent information available to get it higher in the search engine rankings.

Custom Website For SEO Benefits

The bottom line is that search engine rankings incorporate a lot of the smaller details and it is easier to place all those small details on a custom web design than on a website that is ready for a person to fill in the blanks with their own information.

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