How Do I Make My Home Less Desirable for Raccoons?

Are you wondering why your home seems to be a regular hangout for raccoons?  You may be attracting them without even realizing it.  Just like they are portrayed in cartoons, raccoons are smart, sneaky, and peculiar.  Their sweet little masks and ringed tails make this particular nuisance wildlife pest hard to be mad at for getting in your trash.  Let’s face it, raccoons and baby raccoons are downright adorable.  If you start noticing an influx of raccoons around your home, you will want to call in the experts at Creature Control to start putting in place active prevention measurements.  We can help you make your home less desirable for these adorable but less than desirable critters.

Raccoons Basic Survival Needs

Raccoons are driven by their basic survival needs: shelter, food, and water.  Obviously, our homes create the perfect environment for them to thrive.  They are insane climbers that can easily scale the side of the house, venture over a fence, and shrink themselves to slink into your crawl space.  They will find water wherever it is from decorative fountains and ponds to leaking pipes and water dishes for outdoor pets.  As much as they seek out water, it is really food that they are after. 

Opportunists Within the Animal Kingdom

Forging for food is typical for raccoons.  They actively seek out living areas that are near water where they can have easy access to unlimited fish, frogs, snails, clams, and all the goodies the water brings with it.  They are also happy snacking on bird eggs, insects, gardens, and sometimes other dead carcasses.  They aren’t picky eaters, they are opportunists.  If they find an available food source, they will happily make it their own.    From fruits and veggies in your garden to the dog food that you leave available for your pup, they will eat it all.  Raccoons also love a solid trash can meal.  If your garbage can doesn’t have a secure lid, raccoons are sure to have enjoy the leftover buffet your trash contains. 

Humane Raccoon Trapping and Relocation

Once you have called in a pest control specialist to have raccoons trapped and relocated it is important to follow the advice to prevent another one from relocating.  As homeowners it is our job to prevent raccoons from making our homes their comfortable retreat.  With the help of nuisance wildlife removal companies, you can create a space that doesn’t offer raccoons a comfortable space to live in.  

To keep raccoons away it is important that you:

  • Keep your yard clean.  If you have fruit or nut trees present, make sure to remove them on a regular basis.
  • Install motion activated sprinklers within vegetable gardens.
  • Secure the trash can lid with extra bungee cords if the lid is not tightly secured.
  • Try not to leave your pets water and food outside when you are not home.
  • If you store birdseed or pet food in the garage or a shed, make sure the lids are tightly sealed. Prevent raccoons from gaining access by sealing up even the smallest access point.
  • Inspect the perimeter of your homes crawl space and roof line to seal up locations where raccoons could enter.  They can shrink to fit into even the smallest of spaces; it is best to use foam insulation to fill in even the smallest of holes.
  • Wood piles are perfect dens for raccoons.  If at all possible, seal wood in a shed or far from your home to prevent them from creating a comfortable home.

Raccoons are cute and can be quite charismatic but the last thing you want is for them to make your home their own.  If you start noticing your home is becoming a hotel for raccoons it is time to call in the professionals at Creature Control.  Our wildlife control professionals are trained in humane trapping and relocation services.  We offer free inspections!  Once we resolve the root of your pest problem, we will go about providing solutions to prevent their return. 

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