Getting to Know Your Way Around Medicare – Part 1

It is so important that Medicare enrollees are educated before it comes time for them to enroll.  Although there are several companies where you can speak one on one to Medicare agents it is important for participants to have some basic knowledge to avoid confusion when talking to a specialist.  It is important to have a basic understanding of generic terms, time frames, and available options in order to hit the ground running when you speak to an agent.

Signing Up for Medicare

Signing up for Medicare is simple and complex, as much of a conundrum as that is.  The actual process of being enrolled in Medicare is simple, the first day of the month in which you turn 65 is when you must act to enroll in Medicare.  There are a few options that need to be considered: are you going to opt in to Medicare Part A and Part B, known as Original Medicare so that you can also enroll in supplemental plans such as prescription drug coverage and Medigap or are you planning on choosing from one of the many Medicare Advantage Plans, HMO or PPO?

It is also a crucial point to note that beneficiaries of social security will automatically be enrolled in to Medicare Part A, however if you have not participated in SS and want to participate in Medicare you are still allowed to but will need to enroll.  You can do this online, in person at a Social Security office, over the phone by calling 800.772.1213 or online at

Costs Associated with Medicare

As many of the answers do when it comes to Medicare, the cost will vary depending on your unique situation.  Medicare Part A is free of charge if you have worked 10 years and paid into the system through your payroll taxes.  Medicare Part B has a premium which can be deducted from your Social Security check.  For 2017 the monthly premium was $134.00.  Certain situations will allow you to pay less of a premium for Medicare, mainly your income.  If an Income-Related Monthly Adjustment Amount applies to you your premium will be decreased.

Medicare and Preventative Care

There is a myth circulating that states Medicare doesn’t cover preventive services however, this is not the case.  Medicare covers a complete physical upon enrolling in Medicare and then a once a year annual exam as well as screening and tests on a schedule that Medicare determines along with the assistance of physicians.  Some of the screens included are: mammograms, colorectal cancer, glaucoma, flu shots, prostate exams, and more.

We will continue this discussion and answering important Medicare questions and concerns in our next installment of, Getting to Know Your Way Around Medicare.

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