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Let’s face it, there isn’t a perfect time of year to get married.  Each of the four seasons offers a laundry list of positives and negatives.  Today our wedding consultants dive into considerations that couples getting married in the spring face. 

Spring Weather

The weather throughout the spring is highly unpredictable.  Many parts of the country have beautiful seventy-degree days throughout the season while others have large temperature variations from one day to the next.  One thing that can be said for springtime weddings is that you usually don’t have to take precautions against a heatwave.  If you are having a spring wedding you may experience gray skies or a little rain, possibly even a little snow but you for sure don’t need to worry about your guests dehydrating in the heat and humidity found during a summer wedding. 


When planning a spring wedding it is important to consider the different holidays that fall throughout these three months.  Many families take vacations surrounding their child’s spring break.  This could be good or bad for you.  If you are planning on having a lot of family come in from out of town a spring break wedding may be perfect timing.  Memorial Day, Easter, Passover, Mother’s Day, and Father’s Day all fall within this three-month period of time. 

Pros and Cons of Spring Weddings

One of the biggest benefits of a spring wedding comes from the natural décor that is in bloom.  Spring gives birth to fresh buds and colorful blooms.  From cherry blossoms to daffodils the colors are amazing.  Wedding planners love to help brides coordinate their spring weddings, they provide the ultimate backdrop and don’t require a lot of décor to be beautiful.

Another major advantage of a spring wedding is that most family and friends won’t have other obligations to attend to like they may during the summer.  During the summer people don’t like to have a full schedule because it doesn’t allow them to be as carefree as they desire during their free time.

It is also a great time for an indoor/outdoor wedding.   When planning an outdoor spring wedding, plan for the enjoyment that the spring weather brings but back up that plan with a beautiful tent.  The beauty is that if it is a nice day the tent walls can be rolled up and the tent can be used as more of a canopy.  If the weather is less than perfect or it gets a bit chilly as the evening commences the walls can be rolled down and the towering heaters can be turned on.

Now we all know that a pro doesn’t occur without a con. There are a few cons that follow spring time weddings besides the unpredictable weather.  Most venues and vendors have different pricing depending on the season.  Towards the end of the spring season couples will start to see prices rise as it moves into peak-wedding season.  If you like the idea of a spring wedding but can’t afford the peak-wedding expense, consider holding your wedding earlier in the season.  These price increases occur for destination weddings and honeymoon costs.  

Another con that brides and grooms run into is that venues and vendors are booked well in advanced.  A spring wedding is not something that can often fall into place with just a few months of planning.  If you are set on a wedding that falls during the spring it is important to plan far in advance.

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