Find the Best Medigap Policy with These 5 Easy Steps

Choosing the right Medigap policy is important if you are looking to save on your health-related costs in the long run. In this article, we break down choosing the right Medigap policy in 5 simple and easy steps:

1: Evaluating Your Health Care Costs

It’s important to do a thorough analysis of what you’ve spent on healthcare annually. Also try to sketch out an idea of how much your future health costs will come to and add them to your list. Finally, also make sure to add any costs that covered the services offered by Medigap plans.

2: Comparing and Reviewing Medigap Plans

Make sure to go through the Medigap Plan from A to N to determine which plans are most apt for your situation. Cross compare the plans with each other and do a careful analysis of which one is ideal for you. Also, be aware that the Plans J, I, H and E were no longer sold after May 2010. However, if you already bought any of these plans before June 2010, you’ll be allowed to move forward with it.

3: Finding the Medigap Insurance Company

Do your research and find out the insurance company that offers Medigap plans in your State. You can contact your State Health Insurance Assistance Program (SHIP) or your State insurance department for guidance. These companies are also listed by Medicare Options Compare.

4: Comparing Each Insurance Company

Take some time, do a thorough research and then choose your insurance company carefully. You’ll probably have a range of options to choose from, and you must consider a bunch of factors before you move on with your decision.

Costs are one the most important factors when it comes to choosing companies. Find out the premium being charged by the company for the Medigap plan, compare with your other options and then choose. You will also want to look for issue-age-rated and community-rated policies with each company. These policies might make the costs lesser for you as you cross a certain age and hence can end up being a deal breaker. Also use independent rating services to gauge the financial stability and soundness of the company you’re considering. Companies with an A rating are generally considered to be ideal choices. Finally, also make sure to go through any complaints with the company under consideration. You can contact your Department of Insurance to check if they have received any complaints about a company.

5: Choosing the Right Insurance Company

Once you’ve gathered all the information you need and done adequate research on the companies and the policies involved, make sure you arrive at a sound and informed decision. Don’t just depend on information you find on the Internet or in the library: talk to people who you trust and try to figure out which company is preferred in your area.

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