Do-It-Yourself: Aluminum Fencing Installation

Would you like to get an aluminum fence for your home, but you are hesitating because you do not know if really you can really install it on your own? Aluminum fencing is one of the easiest style of fence to install, even novice do-it-yourselfer can have a new aluminum pool fence or perimeter fence installed in a weekend.   Aluminum fences are available in a multitude of designs from basic to ornamental. Many models look like an old iron fences with special rails and posts. However, unlike iron, aluminum fences tend to be more cost-effective, easy to install, and effortless to maintain.

Fencing Shipped Directly To You For Ease

Wholesale aluminum fencing is shipped factory direct to your home from online manufacturers ensuring you the best value and most convenience when shopping.  Aluminum fencing is sold in individual panels that are already put together in specific sizes depending on your needs.  Posts and gates are also designed specifically for your project.  As a homeowner you will want to get an accurate measurement and plan in place before ordering.  Aluminum fencing customer service specialists will guide you through the planning, ordering, and installation phase.

When installing your homes new aluminum fence, it is important that you have the right tools and materials in place to get the job done properly.   Without preplanning and the right tools for the job, homeowners create more work for themselves.

Installing Your New Fence

Installing your fence starts with a basic plan where stakes are placed where posts will be installed, and string is strung to illustrate the perimeter of the yard. Once you are pleased with the placement and layout you will want to start digging one post hole at a time.  Dig a hole, insert the post, and repeat making sure that each post goes into the ground at the same depth.  Add concrete around the posts, slide in the aluminum fence panel, and repeat the process properly positioning new posts and fence panels as you move around the perimeter.  Once the panels are in place you can add more concrete around each post.  Before moving between sections of the fence it is crucial to ensure the top rail of the fence is level.  Once the first section is in place homeowners will want to continue down the fence line.  As progress is made make sure to check the fence remains level as it is easy to fix before the concrete dries but not so much after!

Finishing Your Fence Install With A Gate

Once the fence is in place it is time to install the aluminum gate.  This aspect should be straightforward and can be achieved using the same tools and materials you have used to install the fence.  Once the gate is in place and you have subsequently checked to ensure the fence is level.  As with any do it yourself project it is important to thoroughly read all instructions and guidelines.  Don’t be afraid to ask questions from your online wholesale aluminum fence retailer during the installation process as this is part of the customer service experience when shopping aluminum fencing online.

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