Design Ideas Using Aluminum in Residential Pool Fencing

A beautiful sparkling swimming pool is the crown of a yard that has been landscaped very well.  It can also be extremely dangerous if not fenced properly. Fencing is often a struggle designer because pool fences are not notorious for their attractiveness. This safety element is especially of great importance in a home with children and pets. In a community that only consists of adult’s community, there can be conflicts over the necessity of a fence but according to local, state and federal law they are required.

There are many materials that can be used for fencing however the most suitable one by far is aluminum. Residential aluminum fences are usually a designer’s first recommendation since they are affordable and high on durability.

A skilled landscape designer, after assessing your site and your lifestyle, should be able to determine the best way to provide swimming pool safety fence; most often including aluminum fencing.

There are three basic strategies:

Perimeter Aluminum Fencing

If can be ordered in proper B.O.C.A. requirements for height and gates set by their safety code.  Aluminum perimeter fence around the yard can serve as an extra barrier and additional pool safety fence itself. Aluminum pool fences make great sense for the perimeter of the pool and backyard.

Interior Aluminum Fence

Aluminum fencing that is used only to enclose the pool area and leaves the rest of the yard open for general use is also common.  Most residential aluminum fences are used in this way since it allows a better usage of the rest of the yard.

There are some typical regulations regarding metal pool fencing in aluminum that should be complied with when choosing your aluminum fence according to the Building Officials and Code Administrators (B.O.C.A.).

These regulations apply to swimming pools, hot tubs, and non-portable spas.  Regulations may vary by the state and local regulations.  This should be verified with local building department regulations regarding the construction of a fence.

  • The top of the aluminum fence must be at least 48 inches above the landscape grade. There should be no more than a four inch gap between the finish grade and the bottom of the fence.
  • The openings in the aluminum fence pickets should not allow passage of a four inch diameter sphere.
  • There should not be indentions or protrusions in the fence surrounding the swimming pool.
  • The spacing between the aluminum vertical pickets should not exceed four inches.
  • Aluminum gates should open outwardly away from the swimming pool and should be self-closing and self-latching.
  • Aluminum fences, around swimming pools, must be clear of all other structures that could be used to climb over.

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