Deciding If Hiring A Wedding Planner Is The Right Thing To Do

There are so many decisions a bride and groom need to make; one of the most important decisions being whether to hire a wedding planner or to go it alone.  We hear so many brides that have decided to forgo hiring a wedding planner regretting their decision in the end.  They go through all the reason why they didn’t think they needed to hire a professional and realize in the end most of those were the same reasons why they should have. 

The Most Common Reasons Brides Decide Not to Hire A Wedding Planner

  • We will bond over finding vendors and going to vendor appointments
  • We will make better more informed decisions doing the work ourselves
  • We can save money
  • We won’t be forced into using the planners go to suppliers
  • We won’t have to run our consideration by anyone else

The Most Common Reasons Brides Wish They Would Have Hired A Wedding Planner

  • Planning a wedding and the mundane tasks involved throughout the process are not always fun.  There are aspects that brides and grooms enjoy such as dinner sampling and cake testing however, they are still involved in those aspects even when hiring a professional planner to assist in making their big dream what they picture.  The part that isn’t fun, finding vendors, coordinating tastings, and keeping track of how much they each cost.  A wedding planners’ job is to allow you to enjoy the fun aspects of wedding planning without the behind the scenes stress.
  • Planning the perfect party for your closest friends and family doesn’t happen without a little stress.  The stress of planning a wedding takes away a lot of the romance.  The last thing you want as a bride or groom is to deal with the stress and exhaustion of dealing with everyone’s drama, opinions, and overall meddling.  Thankfully wedding planners know exactly how to deal with people getting in the way of making your day anything less than perfect.  Their specialty is bringing your dream to life, not your mothers-in-laws dream. 
  • It turns out that choosing vendors to work with is not as easy as most people think it will be.  It turns out that a lot of vendors are very charismatic and are great at telling people what they want to hear vs actual performance.  Wedding planners have a preferred list of vendors because they have actually seen the vendors in action and know who to work with and who to steer away from.  Having seen a vendor performing is a far better indicator of what to expect during your wedding than a simple face to face interview one time.  Yes, you can learn a little from online reviews but who is to say those sources are trustworthy? 
  • Planning a wedding takes a lot of time.  Instead of getting to enjoy your engagement you are running around like a chicken with its head cut off when planning a wedding without the help of a planner.  It is a planner’s job to create the perfect evening for you.  This is what their time is devoted to so that you can focus on your own job and relationship.

This list could go on and on.  When deciding if hiring a wedding planner is right for you and your wedding start by talking to a newly married couple that didn’t.  It will soon be clear how the services of a wedding consultant/planner will benefit you!

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