Caring for Your Homes Roof Throughout the Winter

The leaves are changing, the temps are dropping, and some of us are even turning on our furnaces… Winter’s here!  There are a variety of attitudes that people here in Michigan have when it comes to winter, are you a homeowner that is chilled just thinking about winter or are you tuning up your snowmobile as I type?

The maintenance of your homes roof throughout the long winter season does not have to be stressful.  With some simple tips you can stop worrying about your roof this winter and start to focus on the season of wonder & delight, and snowflakes & Santa.

Simple Winter Roof Maintenance

Get Rid of Snow Build-Up

Your homes roof has been designed with the elements in mind.  It is constructed specifically to handle the harsh winter weather elements including snow, ice, and rain, along with the freeze, thaw cycle that us Michiganders have come to anticipate.  However, even the most well-designed roof can experience potential issues from snow and ice buildup.

The best way to prevent your roof from having issues that come from snow build up is to eliminate the buildup of snow on your roof to begin with.  There are a number of items available on the market today that help homeowners achieve this including roof rakes.  A snow rake is a simplistic tool that helps to eliminate snow from accumulating on your roof while you are safely on the ground.

Snow rakes are used by slowly and carefully pulling the rake down towards the ground.   Proceed carefully to stand out of the way of any falling snow or debris.  Be careful not to push or pull the snow across the roof as this action can cause the shingles to tear away causing damage.  This simple act can save thousands of dollars in damage to your homes roof.  During heavy snow you will want to use the snow rake multiple times a day to prevent build-up.

Eliminate Ice Build-Up

Homeowners should be as concerned with ice as they are snow.  If ice is allowed to accumulate it can be dangerous especially when ice accumulates in the gutters.  Icicles make look pretty however they are a threat to your roof and can cause water to backup under the shingles.  Roofing contractors recommend that homeowners work to prevent icicles from forming with proper roofing ventilation and insulation.  If prevention is not possible they can easily be knocked down with an extended pole or broom.  Use caution when knowing down icicles as not only is it dangerous you can potentially cause damage or known down gutters if not careful.  Gutters are important in the winter because they help prevent ice dams in the winter.

Ice Dams

Ice dams are dangerous in the winter, they don’t only have the potential to damage your roof and gutters but also the interior of your home.  If you see an ice dam forming it is important to fix the issue immediately.  An ice dam is a large clump of ice on the edge of your roof.  If they are left untreated an ice dam can freeze up the gutters and block the snow from falling off your homes roof.

Preventing ice dams is the best way to protect your homes roof.  Stay on top of the snow, ice, and icicle build-ups.  If you do find ice dams forming use chemical deicer to ensure that water can flow freely through the gutters as the ice melts.  Homeowners can also gently chip away at the ice dams and slowly remove them.

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