Biggest Mistakes That an Event Planner Knows to Avoid That You May Not

Planning a big event like a wedding, ribbon cutting, milestone birthday or Bar Mitzvah without proper planning and guidance can come along with a hefty price tag.   Not only can costs get out of control, the time and dedication it takes to plan an event can often overwhelm the most diligent of people.  You may think that you have what it takes to multi-task and handle the stress involved in planning a big event, but the implementation can get overwhelming.  Not to mention the work will need to be done to keep the flow of the event going while you are trying to enjoy the event itself.

Simple things may get forgotten or lost in the shuffle while you are trying to manage the event while keeping up on the day to day happenings in life.  Missing even little things during an event can turn out to be quite disastrous and there is nothing worse than having disappointed guests. Most mistakes are small and of course can be fixed by spending more money, but larger mistakes can take time to fix.  Before you take on the planning of any event on your own consider all the benefits of hiring an event planner.  Event planners know how to avoid issues you may not while ensuring that you can enjoy the event instead of overseeing it.

The Benefits of Hiring an Event Planner


Timelines are important when it comes to planning any type of event.  There are a hundred things that need to be done from mailing invites, setting up tents, renting venues, finding centerpieces, and more.  A planner has experience when it comes to time allocation, costs, and more.  They know when and where to allot extra time to make sure that everything is in order and perfectly perfect.


Unfortunately, events big and small can face last minute problems.  A generator stops working or a chef forgets to purchase shrimp which is to be used as an appetizer; all of which experienced event coordinators are prepared to handle along with a backup plan in place to handle it.  Most of us are not equipped to handle last minute problems let alone fix them in a manner that guests won’t even realize an issue has occurred.


In planning an event without the assistance of a planner many people find that they go way over their allotted budget because they fail to keep track of the money that is spent.  This can result in overspending on areas that money does not need to be wasted which can be extremely disastrous.  Where as an event planner has experience with where and when to spend money and when and where not to.  They have experienced hundreds of different events and know how to come up with a detailed budget that allocated financial resources where they are needed.

Hiring an event planner when setting up an event is always a good choice.  It ensures that you can enjoy the process of choosing parts and pieces for the event while allowing a planner to handle the ins, outs, and microscopic details that only experienced event planners can.

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