Are You Planning a Spring Wedding? Here Is What You Need to Know

Spring is a perfect time to get married!  The start of warmer weather and the beautiful blossoms blooming which is exactly why over 20% of brides and grooms choose to get married during the spring.   There are a few things that need consideration when planning a spring wedding such as planning around spring break when hotels can be hard to come by.  Here is how you can pull off the perfect spring wedding, remember our wedding consultants are always here to help!

Wilt Proof Wedding Flowers for Spring and Summer Weddings

Spring is when everything is in bloom.  There are a huge selection of flowers and greenery in bloom.  Brides have access to colorful peonies, sweet peas, lily of the valley, daffodils, hyacinths, lilacs, and tulips.  Not only are there a number of different flowers to choose from, Mother Nature offers a perfect backdrop of spring colors from cherry blossoms, wheat grass, dogwood, moss, and herbs.

When you stick to flowers that are in season not only are they fresher, they are more affordable.  Spring flowers and blooms when used in arrangements for weddings offer an incredibly feminine feel to your event.  If you prefer something more understated and elegant consider using one color theme and incorporating ivy or other types of flowing greenery. 

Bringing the Best of Spring to the Menu

Temperatures are on the rise however it is far from hot for most springtime weddings.  A crisp cocktail with fresh appetizers is perfect for the pre-dinner cocktail hour(s).  It will start the fresh vibe of your wedding off on the right foot.  Try a light white wine sangria that includes fresh spring fruits or an effortless muddled strawberry mojito.  Consider fresh flavored martinis including mango, watermelon, and cucumber. 

For meal time work with a caterer that specializes in bringing the seasons best ingredients to the table.  Highlight artichokes, asparagus, carrots, morels, and more.  Springtime fruits can add color and flavor to plating using apricots, mangoes, pineapple, and rhubarb.  Your food should be reflective of the season, working with the flavors of the season instead of against them will bring the best menu for your family and friends. 

Enjoying Spring Flavors and Colors Even in Your Wedding Cake

There are so many benefits to having a spring wedding and being able to use color flowers that won’t wilt from heat to decorate your wedding cake.  It’s easy to turn your wedding cake into an ultimate showstopper with fresh spring flowers.  Choose a cake flavor that embraces the flavors of spring.  Of course, chocolate cake is always a good idea especially when you enhance it with the flavors of spring like a strawberry filling.  Thankfully you don’t have to settle on fondant as you often do in the heat of the summer because all types of frosting work during the crisp temperatures of spring.

Endless Options for Guest Attire During Spring Weddings

There are simply more options for wedding guests and your wedding party when it comes to participating in a spring wedding.  Hemlines can be shorter, fabrics can be lighters, and there are endless colors that work.  The dress code for springtime weddings can be more low-key no matter what time of day it is. 

Weddings, no matter what time of year they happen in, are a joyous occasion that mark a momentous change in your relationship.  When you choose the date for your wedding embrace the season it falls in and take all the best qualities and bring them out during the wedding planning process.

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