5 Ways Flexible Product Packaging Can Improve Sales

Did you know that forty percent of online shoppers say they are more inclined to buy a product that is well-presented? Having a great product on the market is one thing, but what the above statistic suggests is that business owners have a unique opportunity to control how consumers view and engage with their products. Packaging is an extension of your brand identity. How you chose to present your products to the world should speak volumes about your business and innovative packaging can generate a buzz effortlessly without you having to hold a full-blown campaign to advertise or market your product.

Exactly what flexible packaging does. It functions as a cost-effective advertising technique that simultaneously protects your product, enhances its aesthetics, inspires confidence, and makes your products stand out. Customers will always respond positively to personalized and creative packaging, therefore, details matter, which is why any effort you put toward making your products as enticing as possible goes a long way.

The following are ways that flexible packaging can improve sales:

  • Increased Safety

Flexible packing such as stand up pouch bags or resealable zipper pouches are made from FDA approved high-grade materials, which are contaminant-free, safe and strong enough to protect packaged products from physical damage during transportation and exposure from environmental hazards. Consumers are bound to purchase a product that they are confident that it won’t be harmful to them.

  • Convenience

Label specialists have ensured that flexible packages are designed with added features such as zip locks, sprouts, resealable seals, to make them re-usable and continent. This ease of convenience has been well-received especially by parents who look are constantly looking for manageable ways to pack their kid’s lunches and its also good news for manufacturers and entrepreneurs because they know that their product will move instead of stalling on the supermarket shelves.

  • Inspires Loyalty

Attractive packaging evokes a positive reaction from consumers looking through a wide variety of products. Flexible packaging makes products stand out on the shelves from the competition’s, it increases brand visibility and most importantly, it leads to repeat purchases, increased sales, and referrals from satisfied customers.

  • Environmentally Friendly

In addition to enhancing product safety, flexible packaging’s unique attributes allow brands to achieve compactness and durable barrier while leaving the lowest possible carbon footprint. Not only are flexible packages recyclable, but they also reduce, transportation costs, energy output and most importantly, reduce carbon emissions because it’s easier to ship than rigid materials and manufactures can move more products with fewer trucks. Businesses that use sustainable business practices to meet both environmental and consumer demands yield benefits because environmentally-conscious consumers are more likely to become loyal customers.

  • Attractive Packaging

How many times have you bought something even though you weren’t planning to just because it looked attractive? The flexible packaging design process produces vivid graphics that not only elicit interest from buyers, but it also evokes impulse buying, which in turn increases sales.  Ninety percent of all product purchases are made on instinct, another great reason for an attractive, eye-catching package and label design.

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