3 Common Computer Glitches: Is it Software or Hardware Related?

The world we live in is run on advances in technology.  From the timing of the stop lights to the programs we work with daily, our everyday lives are made simpler with technology.  What happens though when the technology that is so intertwined within our daily lives fails?  With personal computers these problems are inevitable; from user error to complex hardware issues, pc troubleshooting basics are a must for everyday users.

Slow Computer Speed

Many common complaints regarding user’s PC’s surround the speed of the systems.  One day our computers are running without issue and the next they are crawling along at a snail’s pace.  A slow computer could occur for a number of software or hardware related issue.  When a computer is slow from software related issues it could be from a virus or malware infection, too many open windows, or even from an accumulation of temporary files being uploaded.  Slow computer issues can also come from the systems hardware.  If you have ruled out software issues have the systems hard drive checked out for failure, not enough RAM, or an older CPU that needs to be replaced.

Constant Restarting of Your PC

Sometimes it seems as if your PC might be possessed; computers that keep restarting on their own can cause a great deal of headaches for users.  When your computer keeps restarting without the users request it can signal issues with either the computers software or hardware systems.  When a system begins to reset on its own first check the software for any automatic OS update errors.  Another issue could come from a virus or malware infection.  This is easily remedied by taking your computer in for service at a local computer repair company for virus removal scans.  If software isn’t to blame, then it’s time to look into the computers hardware.  Check the computers graphics card, motherboard and network card drivers, all which could be to blame for the computer restarting on its own.

External Computer Component Failure

Another common computer issues have to do with the keyboard, mouse, or printer not functioning as they should. Again, this can have something to do with either software or hardware.  Check the computers drivers, update them and verify if this was the issue or if it still remains.  If the keyboard, mouse, or printer are still not working as they should check the systems hardware.  Look to make sure the computers ports or peripheral components are working properly.  If not, this could be the issue at hand.

Using Your Local Computer Repair Source

These are just three common issues that affect everyday computer users.  The best solution anytime your computer is not functioning as it should be take it in for troubleshooting and diagnosis at your local computer repair source.  Most computer issues can easily be diagnosis and fixed relatively quickly as computer consultants understand just how important computer technology is to your everyday life.

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